School in Mererani

Why build a school in Mererani? 7000 Maasai living in Mererani don’t have access to a school or a hospital and water is far away.

The children in Mererani don’t go to school. The ‘nearby’ government school is 20 km walking. It would exhaust children to walk that far and they would not be able to study, so they stay at home, help their parents and play with each other. The don’t learn English, and they don’t learn that there is so much more.

Women walk till 3 hours hours daily to reach water. They wash themselves and some clothes before they return to their families, carrying a bucket of water on their head. The family cannot use this water to wash their (mostly 10 to 12) children, not even to wash their hands. The children are thirsty, so is the cattle.

Maasai children don’t learn much at home.That’s why we want to teach according to the Strive for 5! program. Thus is a hands-on program designed to give instant tools and ideas to promote children’s early brain and language development and improve the quality of early learning environment. More information about this program can be found on their website

School in Mererani
These children from Mererani should go to school

We need to build a school in Mererani!

Many Maasai families cannot afford to send their children to school, so to protect their daughters from lives of poverty they choose to let them marry at a young age. Another reason for the child marriages is the dowry; more daughters means more cows. Because Maasai girls are traditionally considered children until they are circumcised, the family find it a must for a Maasai girl to undergo the circumcision rite before she is married. People are sometimes arrested by practicing female circumcision, with as result that young Maasai children regularly starve to death because their parents were sent to jail. Most painfully, since even girls of this community as young as 10 years old are undergoing circumcision and being married.


What we build:

  • Maisha Maasai school (pre, primary and secondary)
  • play garden
  • sports field for both children and adults
  • hospital
  • water well

What's the benefit for the Maasai when we build a school in Mererani?

We will teach the children that it’s not normal to marry at that age, that it’s not normal to circumcise girls. Unfortunately not every child can go to school because of the costs and their parents can still hide their daughters and let them marry. The next generation will change though because many children will be educated, get a nice job and learn their community to respect the girls. With as result that less and less circumcised girls and marriages at a young age.


We will not only teach the children but also the parents. We do community work for years already and we will talk to the parents again and again, to convince them about the importance of education, to stop child marriages and circumcising their daughters.


What the Maasai get:

  • education for both children and adults
  • a baby school, a primary school and later a secondary school
  • training computer lessons, English, marketing&sales, agriculture, etc. for adults
  • job training & counseling
  • health & nutrition training
  • training agricultural practices
  • wash programs training
  • daycare
  • boarding for maximum 20 orphans in a real home
  • cultural/religious center

We need your help!

With your help we will be able to build a school in Mererani, a hospital and water wells in the area. We’ll teach them what’s right and what’s wrong so that the next generation can live like you and me.


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School in Mererani
Our land in Mererani