Orphans in Tanzania

There are about 1,3 million orphans in Tanzania who’s parent(s) died because of HIV.  They have lost either one or both of their parents because of the disease. Growing up without a family or in a dysfunctional family environment has often serious implications on a child’s mental and physical development. Many orphaned children experience neglect and discrimination. Children who grow up without the care of their parents mostly do not attend school.

We make the difference! Don’t bring the orphans in Tanzania to orphanages anymore; we give them a home! There are many very nice families who welcome an orphan as if it’s their own child. The orphans will get good education, learn good English and we’ll do everything to let them go to college or university after secondary school. They’ll get a good job and a great future. Most probably they’ll adopt an orphan themselves when they grow older and have their own families.

Good schools cost money, a caring family needs money too. We cannot ask families to care for a child for free. It costs to take care of children, it takes many efforts and a lot of their time too. But then at least we’re sure that the child will have a good and healthy life.

Orphans in Tanzania





There are times when you sit back to think about your life experiences and are overwhelmed with emotion. This young orphan found a home now, a family where she’s welcome. She is so happy and healthy now!


Of course we need orphanages; there are just too many orphans in Tanzania. We can never give a home to all of them. It hurts us though to see that most orphanages give the children ugali or rice with (brown) beans. No vegetables, no meat. Day after day.

“Our” orphans will eat much more healthy. We check them every month; we visit them and their families and we regularly call the school and ask about their progress. Make a Difference Foundation Tanzania pays the school fees, the clothes, the health insurance and if necessary the transport to school. That’s the only way (in Tanzania) to make sure that your money is spend for the orphan and not for other children. Once per 3 months we give the family and amount of $ 500 for taking care and feeding the child. The costs per orphan are less than in most orphanages.

Will you help our orphans in Tanzania?

The orphans need your help! Please send us an email for more details.




We make the Difference!