Make a Difference

The former foundation Make a Difference pre school was established in 2009 when David Gido, founder and owner, started a baby school. It was a free school for children of very poor families. David wanted to help them since several people gave him a home and paid his school fees when he was young. An American foundation helped him to raise funds for the foundation. There were 3 classes with 75 children of 2,5 to 7 years. Unfortunately the American foundation had to stop the fundraising in 2014 due to some circumstances.


Make a Difference
The school in 2014

In 2015 our Tanzanian government changed the rules for schools. 2 instead of 1 teacher per class, a cleaning lady, 2 guards instead of 1, more salary for every employee. David could not pay it anymore and had to stop the school.

David decided to keep on helping young children of poor families. Till today he pays school fees, school uniforms, shoes and books for some young children.

Make a Difference Foundation was on hold since there was no school anymore. In 2016 David bought a piece of land in Menerani. Since then Maasai there are begging to build a school for their children. Most of them know that their children need to be educated and that things have to change in the nearby future.


Make a Difference

Establishing Maisha Maasai Foundation

In 2020 David and his team decided to make the wish of the Maasai come true. He established a new foundation called Maisha Maasai. The foundation will build schools but it has to be for both children and adults. It needs a play garden, 3 sports fields and a cultural/religious center since the Maasai have nothing there except 2 small shops for daily needs. The school will be partly a boarding school for orphans and those orphans will be members and stay in connected rooms of the manager’s family house. Later there will also be a boarding for paid students from Arusha, Moshi or other places.

The board members of the foundation work on volunteers base.


Maisha Maasai

Maisha Maasai, which means Life of Maasai, is a very nice and helpful project but also a big challenge. Locals will help to build it together with professionals so that the Maasai learn how to build. Maasai women will follow courses and will be encouraged to find a job and fight for their children, especially for their daughters. Of course the Maasai have their culture but even though David and his team will add some Western culture in the school. For instance children in Tanzania often don’t learn to understand what they say and read in English. Even at 5 pm they say good morning because that’s how they learned at school to great someone. At the Maisha Maasai School they will know what they say and read.


Maisha Maasai Foundation will try to find funds so that the project can start soon. It’ll have a huge impact on the community; people will stay more healthy, children will be educated well, adults will learn about health and agriculture, sales&marketing and export, and there will also be time for fun and sports.


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