Build water wells

Maasai in Mererani don’t have the money to build water wells. The women walk till 3 hours daily to do their laundry, wash themselves, and walk back to their homes with one bucket of water on their head. This needs be used to drink and there won’t be enough to wash the (mostly more than 10) children.

Build water wells
Maasai children (and their clothes) are not clean


In this area live more than 7000 Maasai which means we need to build 4 water wells there (1 per 2000 citizens). It will keep the people clean and much more healthy while also the cattle can benefit from it.

The area is very dry and the Maasai can only grow crops during the rain season. When the wells are there, they can grow crops all year long. While they now mostly grow maize, after we build water wells we’ll learn them to grow other healthy vegetables, fruits and herbs. Our intention is to build a school in Mererani soon where we won’t only teach the children but also the adults about necessary healthy meals. We’ll learn them how to cook with vegetables and herbs so that they’ll keep their families and themselves more healthy.

The water wells need to be drilled because the land is very dry and tough like stone. Drilling a water costs $ 6000.

Will you help us to build water wells?

Please contact us for more information or for your donation.

On behalf of the Maasai: thank you very much!

Build water wells
The land in Mererani is very dry